Monday, October 06, 2008

Four Fat Lips

The days started off innocently enough: Amy wasn't feeling well, so I
took the kids on the subway downtown to Franklin Square, where we bade
our time in the playground until the merry-go-round opened. We were
literally first in line, rode round and round, and adjourned back to
the playground for a few before heading home for lunch.

Only, while Jada was needing help scaling high up a rope ladder, Aaron
fell forward and into a metal pole. It wasn't a gusher, but we got
blood from his nose and both his upper and lower lip. Of course, I
also smelled a poopy. So a diaper had to be changed, a mouth and nose
cleaned up, and a deteriorating boy strapped into the stroller.
Thankfully, Jada was amenable to hitting the road a little earlier
than anticipated, and we got home without much fanfare.

But by the mid-afternoon, it was clear she needed a nap, only was
steadfastly refusing to even try. Next thing I knew, while I was
cleaning one of our windows, she was climbing down from one chair and
slipping and falling forward into another. No bleeding nose, but a
worse cut on her upper lip as well as swelling on her lower lip.

We applied ice on and off for a good 20 minutes, but it still looks a
little swollen. So if you're keeping score, that's four fat lips,
lots of tears, two kids inconsolable for the better part of a day, and
two parents with frayed nerves. In other words, just another typical
weekend day in the Huang household.

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