Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Aaron Evaluation

Upon the suggestion of the people who evaluated Jada earlier this month, we signed up for an evaluation for Aaron. I'm not sure when we'll hear back regarding what extra help he might need, but for sure he's on the slower side when it comes to vocabulary. At this age, Jada was behind but still way ahead of Aaron in terms of words. (Here's a post I wrote in November 2006, when Jada was 21 months, just like Aaron is now.)

It may seem early to say this, but Aaron also has some anger management issues. We're hoping that they'll go away once his ears have been fixed (being uncomfortable all the time can't help) and once his vocabulary improves (it must be frustrating to not express himself). But there may be other reasons, and hopefully the results of this evaluation will give us some tips, and, if needed, some outside resources, to best parent him.
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