Monday, September 22, 2008

Morning, Kids

We spent most of Sunday in the US Virgin Islands, and then made the
arduous journey from villa to home: rental car to airport, shlepping
through security, Cessna to San Juan, shlepping through the airport in
San Juan to get from one terminal to another, almost a 4-hour flight
from San Juan to Philly, strollering from the terminal to economy
parking, and getting everybody and everything back to and into our
house. Both of the kids fell asleep in the car so were easy to put to
bed; and after a long day of fun and travel, plus hitting the sack at
10:30, well past the usual bedtimes, you'd think waking up in the
morning would be a challenge.

Sure enough, Aaron made some noise at the usual hours but slept all
the way through to 10:15 the next morning. But Jada heard me
tottering outside her room at 6:45 and popped out as wide-eyed as
usual, and less than an hour later than she usually wakes up.
Fortunately, this is the first week we leave Aaron at home a couple of
days a week instead of bringing him to day care, so Amy was able to
start the day several hours before Aaron re-entered the picture. And
fortunately, nothing can make Jada sleep in, so even though we were
out the door by 7:30, she was ready to hit the day.

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