Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Huang Family Newsletter, September 2008

[This monthly update used to be sent out via Topica.com but has now
been consolidated here.]

WORK - Amy's applying for jobs and studying for her boards. Lee's
still juggling 10+ projects at work, including a gig with the US
Virgin Islands, where he spent a week meeting with public and private
sector leaders. Lee's also trying to stay on top of his church
responsibilities as elder and personnel team coordinator, and did some
dialing for dollars for a fundraiser for the non-profit he's on the
board of.

PLAY - Amy and the kids came along to St. Thomas, and had beach fun
while Lee worked; and then we stayed the weekend and took the ferry to
St. John. We also had fun at our church's fall retreat. When they
weren't out and about, Aaron got in hugs and kisses with Amy and tried
in vain to commandeer whatever toy Jada was playing with, while Jada
watched Schoolhouse Rock and worked on her counting and spelling.


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