Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fun Mama

There have been times that I've had to do evenings with the kids solo,
and if you know me it'll come as no surprise that I handle those
evenings in a very business-like manner. Picking them up from day
care, feeding them dinner, giving them baths, getting them to bed -
it's all a series of tasks, done as efficiently and effectively as I
have energy for. I'm usually not grumpy when I go through these
motions, but neither am I usually a barrel of jokes.

But when Amy has the kids solo in the evening, it's a party over here.
Last night was no different: dinner at McDonald's, run-around time at
the playground, extra bubbles in the bath, and I was told there was
also some dancing. I got home not long after Jada went to bed, and
yet all was calm, including Amy: the kids had gotten their fun time
with Mama, and when bedtime arrived, they had gone down without a

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