Sunday, September 28, 2008

Center City Sights

Amy had made plans to see some friends this Saturday afternoon, so I
decided to kill the time solo with the kids by taking them on a jaunt
through Center City. We rode the subway to 11th, and as I got off, I
realized I should've taken it one more stop to 8th, since there's an
elevator there. Nothing like hauling Aaron and the stroller up two
flights of stairs while trying to stay within five feet of Jada to
start off an excursion.

Things eased from there. We hit Chinatown to get bean buns for Jada,
and then made a beeline for Reading Terminal Market. I immediately
scored two soft pretzels for a dollar to give the three of us
something to munch on us as we zig-zagged through the aisles. After
taking in all the sights and smells, we decided on a platter of fried
rice, dumplings, and egg roll for less than five bucks. Jada and
Aaron ate their fill and then pranced around near the table where we
were sitting while I scarfed down the rest.

Ice cream was in order, but Aaron smelled funny, so we had to find a
bathroom with a changing table. I tried a nearby hotel but all I got
was a clean bathroom, no changing table. Not in a position to be
choosy, I changed Aaron on the floor while Jada patiently waited. It
was, shall we say, cause for a costume change. I was trying to go
light since I had a tarp and umbrella on account of the threat of
rain, so all I had was a unisex onesie and a pair of pink sweats.
Since it was warm enough and I didn't want to scar Aaron, I went with
the onesie and we were back in action.

Our next stop was the Comcast Center, where I and the other lobby
visitors were dazzled by the massive video display, but Jada and Aaron
simply enjoyed having lots of room to dance around. We hoofed it from
there to across the Schuylkill and into University City. I relented
to Jada's request to walk only when we got to the Penn campus, where
she and Aaron climbed in and around the Button. Then they ran down
Locust Walk, students dodging them as they meandered along the path.
When we got to 40th, I insisted they get back in the stroller and I
pushed them the rest of the way.

Aaron needed another diaper change and then he was quickly upstairs,
in his room, and asleep. I told Jada I'd make her a smoothie to make
up for the ice cream we never got to, so drinking orange smoothie and
watching Schoolhouse Rock without her brother around made her a happy
camper. Not a bad day; even though it's always funner when Mama's
around, we did OK without her.

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