Monday, June 23, 2008

I Finally Wore Her Out

It's not hard to wear out Aaron: he loves to nap, falls asleep easily, and perishes in the sun or after a long day of playing or eating. But Jada is nearly impossible to tire out: waves of adults would have to be enlisted to out-endure her.

But I finally wore her out today. We did a quick jaunt to the local playground in the early afternoon, and then took the whole gang to Franklin Square in the late afternoon. We rode the merry-go-round, exhausted the play equipment, and walked through the historic area en route to dinner at an outdoor cafe.

We decided to take the bus home instead of the subway, and it was a crowded ride, so we stopped at every intersection practically. Jada sat in Amy's lap, and as the bus rumbled us home, she slowly fell asleep. She was so out that we threw her into the stroller once we got to our block, wheeled her home and into the house, changed her into her pajamas, and tucked her in with hardly a peep from her.

Maybe we overdid it on the weekend itinerary. But my take is that these sorts of family times, where you slump into bed so tired it hurts, are the ones we'll remember with great joy. Here's to more times when I actually outlast Jada. Oh, and by the way, Jada was up at 5:15 the next morning.

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