Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Little Like Us

It's funny how kids pick up your mannerisms.  This is the case even if you're not biologically related.  Jada, for example, is a little version of Amy, a funny sight if there ever was one: one dark, one light, one skinny, one round, and yet both somehow identical. 

Jada also picks up some of me.  I've been pretty stressed of late due to work deadlines, and so I'm often found heaving very adult-sounding sighs of weariness and frustration.  Guess which three-year-old can make the exact same noises?  And last night, when we were reading stories, she got up, went to her dresser, and laid out her clothes for the next morning; just like I do. 

As for Aaron, he hasn't yet picked up on any of our quirks.  He's too busy eating, sleeping, flirting, and tantruming.  Me thinks he'll be doing his own thing for a little bit.
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