Saturday, May 03, 2008

Just Play

When I watch the kids on weekends and holidays, I tend to be on the go. It makes the time more manageable for me to be off and running, to the zoo or aquarium or down the street to the park or playground. I'd like to say the kids are better for it, in terms of experiencing new things and getting some exercise in rather than just loafing around watching TV or playing video games. But sometimes it's good to just play.

This morning, the kids were up early as usual, and we had a solid hour before Aaron's nap time. So I decided to just let the kids play. It's not like our house lacks for toys, for one. And then the kids decided it would be fun to get into the crib in the foyer and have me lob various sports balls in.

The hour went by surprisingly fast. We resumed our breakneck pace later that morning. But for an hour, it was fun to just play.

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