Monday, April 07, 2008

Mama Makes it Fun

It was a downcast day, weather-wise and otherwise: both our kids are
slightly sick, so they were even more curmudgeonly than usual. Tired
as she was, Jada refused to nap yet again, and Aaron's nap was cut
short by his crankiness. And it was a long way to bedtime.

Enter Mama and her fun ideas. Within minutes, we were off to
McDonald's, and even though the food was bad and the service worse, we
got to people-watch and be together as a family. Then, we stopped by
the video rental place and got Ratatouille, which we watched over

For a couple of hours, there was a minimum of crying and whining. Of
course, Jada resumed her night-time theatrics later that evening, and
even champion sleeper Aaron had a fitful night of tossing and wailing.
but Mama made it fun for a little spell.

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