Saturday, April 12, 2008

Free Saturday

Since Amy started her full-time job, I've tried to give her Saturday
mornings off. 6a to 8a is getting the kids up, dressed, and fed, and
then Aaron back to bed for his morning nap. 8a to 10a, while Aaron is
sleeping, is either my friend coming over to pray while Jada watches
TV and draws in the same room, or else Jada and I are off to the
grocery store. 10a to 12p is some outing with the kids: zoo,
aquarium, or some play date with another dad and friends. 12p to 2p
is lunch, nap for Aaron, and sandbox for Jada. By then, Amy's had the
time she needs to sleep in, catch up on her chores, do some cooking,
get a nap in, or whatever else she needs to unbury herself from a
long, hard week of working and commuting.

This weekend, I was planning on taking the train with Jada up the
Manhattan to see some friends and relatives. But plans fell through.
So we've got a free Saturday on our hands. Amy might still get the
morning off; but at some point this weekend, we're hoping to put our
heads together on fixing up the house, a long-time project that has
fallen by the wayside for several months now. As fun as it sounds to
decorate and furnish our home, the weekend always seems to come and go
with us making no dent there. Hopefully, this weekend'll be

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