Friday, April 04, 2008

Baby Steps

A quick update on our little kiddies:

Aaron is walking better and better each day.  He still slumps to the ground to crawl far too easily, but every so often he'll pick himself up to a standing position and totter forward a few steps first.  It's such a short burst that I have yet to have my camcorder handy to capture these moments; but I'm working on it.  All his day care teachers love him, and egg him on to walk more, but most of the time the little guy just wants to be on the floor.

Jada is getting better at going potty in a regular toilet, with the help of a seat that fits over the toilet seat.  She's still unwilling to do number two there; the past two evenings, Amy and I both had the pleasure of, shall we say, cleaning up after her.  We're trying to be patient, even as parents of kids far younger than Jada are running circles around us; Jada's just a little more stubborn than most, but slowly making progress.
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