Friday, February 01, 2008

Have a Seat

We bought a backward / forward car seat before Jada arrived, and had
her facing backward until 1 and then forward since. For Aaron, we
borrowed one of those carrier / car seats from a neighbor. Now that
he's 1, it's time to upgrade. So we decided to play musical chairs.
We got a car seat / booster seat, which gives you a five-point harness
for when kids are 22 to 40 pounds, and a regular seat belt for 40 to
100 pounds. So Aaron inherits his big sister's car seat, which he
should be fine with for the next couple of years, and Jada gets the
new car seat. I drove Jada in the rain to day care this morning, and
she seems to like the new seat. We'll soon see if Aaron likes his new
seat, too.
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