Sunday, December 30, 2007

Poor Little Guy

For the last few days, Aaron has had a really raw butt, stemming from
a slight bout of diarrhea combined with sitting with the yucky stuff
in his diaper, sort of like the kinds of bed sores shut-ins get. So
he doesn't sleep nearly as well as he usually does, and we have to
change his diaper much more frequently, to limit the time his butt is

Each of these extra diaper changes are painful for everyone involved.
We know we have to get all the gunk out of there, but every swipe and
rub causes him searing pain. We can tell because Aaron shrieks and
howls and kicks and convulses; he slaps our arm the way you might if
you were getting operated on without anesthesia. Even applying
medicated cream hurts.

It's tough to see the little guy in so much discomfort. Thankfully,
he hasn't lost much of his appetite (his new favorite food is pizza
crust) or his physicality (he's starting to stand on his own, if only
for a second or two) or, most of all, his sweetness. Hopefully, his
skin'll clear up soon enough and he'll be as good as new.

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