Sunday, December 02, 2007

Lions and Tigers, Oh My

Not a whole lot of people out at the zoo when it's 35 degrees out.
Then again, not a lot of animals out, either. But to the zoo we went;
me and Jada and Aaron, that is. And lo and behold, the lions and
tigers were all out, much closer to the viewing window than they
usually are. Maybe the lack of human visitors made them feel more
comfortable being out and about. Our gain: Jada and Aaron pressed
their hands and faces up to the window as the lions and tigers did the

Good times were had by all, until of course I had to ruin things by
suggesting it was time for us to get out of the cold and head for
home. Jada threw a tantrum, and the sight of Jada howling sent Aaron
into a full-body wail. Somehow I bear-hugged both of them, kicking
and screaming, and we headed home, thankful to have seen the lions and
tigers up close and emboldened to do this all again another winter
morning in the near future.

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