Thursday, December 27, 2007

Free Day

My first free day in six months came by a nice convergence of events:
my employer decided to give us an extra vacation day, our day care was
open, and I was too pooped to use the day for anything productive. It
was nice to sleep in until 5:30 since I didn't have to worry about
getting exercise or reading in before the kids were up, nicer still
that Jada was willing to play with her new train set while I finished
my morning prayers and Bible reading.

I had decided the evening before that I would go on a nice long run in
the morning, and was so eager to get started that I changed into my
running gear shortly after getting Jada and Aaron set up for
breakfast, so that I could walk them to day care and then hit the road
from there. I was a little worried I wouldn't have the stamina for a
long run after so many months of shorter ones, but found myself
instead simply enjoying the freedom of knowing I didn't have to hurry

When I arrived home, Amy was also getting her run in, on the treadmill
in our basement. I showered leisurely, and had breakfast while
reading the paper - a delightful luxury for someone whose meals and
newspapers are usually juggled with feeding kids and washing dishes.
From there, I made my way to our living room and nestled into our sofa
to digest an economics textbook written by a favorite author of mine.
(Yes, I am this much of a nerd that an econ textbook constitutes
leisure reading.)

Meanwhile, Amy finished her run, showered, and tended to some things
on the computer. By then it was nearing lunchtime, so I offered to
get Chinese take-out. We feasted while watching a movie and playing
Scrabble. (By the way, if you must know, she beat me, thanks to an
incredible play of PRAIRIES which scored her 50 bonus points plus TWO
triple word scores, for a total of 140 points on one word.) Both of
us kept waiting for a child to start crying before realizing neither
of our children were home. It felt like a weekend day from our early
married years, when kids weren't yet in the mix.

I spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on news magazines,
falling asleep at one point. Five pm came way too soon, and I was off
to get the kids from day care, glad for a free day and thinking it
might be good for me to not wait so long to carve out another one.

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