Thursday, December 20, 2007

First Hug of the Day

Jada is, by all accounts, a Mama's girl. I understand where I am in
the pecking order and am fine with it. In fact, I quite like that she
has that special bond with Amy, whether it is manifested in tenderness
or in playfulness.

There is one exception to Jada's Mama's-girl-ness. And that's the
first thing in the morning, when she is now in the habit of coming
upstairs, looking for me, and greeting me with a big hug. I love it.
I'm usually checking my email or doing work-related reading at that
hour, and I drop whatever I'm doing to have that special, Dad-first
moment with my daughter.

Amy even told me that one time, she was actually at the computer and I
was at the shower when Jada came upstairs looking for me. When she
came into our office, expecting me but seeing Amy instead, Amy told me
she actually looked a little disappointed.

Amy found that humorous, and was not at all put off at being chopped
liver first thing in the morning. After all, she gets Jada's
attention for the whole rest of the day. I'm just happy I have that
tiny window of time, first thing in the morning, when I'm who she
wants to see and hug.

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