Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Downtown

I overheard a family at this morning's church rehearsal for tomorrow's Christmas pageant say that they were going to check out the light show at the old Wanamaker's building (now occupied by Macy's) and then head over to Reading Terminal Market. I thought, that sounds like fun. But it wasn't until Amy said to me over lunch that she needed to hit a Macy's that I said, "Hey, let's go downtown and check out the light at the old Wanamaker's building and then head over the Reading Terminal Market!"

In fact, we bumped into our church friends at both places. The light show and organ concert, which has been going for over 50 years, was a blast for the kids, and gave Amy about a half-hour to duck away and get her Christmas shopping done. Jada was so tired that she fell asleep while we waited for Amy, and she slept all the way to the Market, where she awoke and joined us in feasting on all sorts of goodies. All in all, a very Philadelphian way to enjoy the holiday season.

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