Friday, December 28, 2007

Attention Deficit

Amy and I both spend a fair amount of each week watching the kids
solo, one on two. It's getting harder, because both our kids need and
deserve more attention than we can offer when we're double-teamed.
For example, if I take the two of them out of the house, it's easier
for me to leave Aaron in the stroller while Jada runs around, so Aaron
doesn't get to move as much; but when we're home and I need to tend to
something related to Aaron, Jada just has to wait patiently because I
can't get to what she needs just yet. And it's the same with Amy when
I'm out of the house at work or on an errand: she wants to give Jada
her attention but literally has her hands full with Aaron, or has to
skip personal attention on Aaron to give Jada her time.

Of course, both of us are introverts, so even when the opportunity
presents itself to focus on one of our kids, we feel the pressure of
personal to-do's, house chores, or simply being alone to recharge.
I'm thankful that Amy and I work hard to give the other person that
recharge time, thankful as well for others who have lent a hand so we
can both get a break, and thankful most of all that every once in
awhile, we do give our kids the attention they need and deserve, and
everyone's better for it.

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