Saturday, November 24, 2007

Zoo Fun, Even Without the Animals

Is it possible to have fun at the zoo without seeing a single animal?
It was for us today. I decided to take the kids out to get some fresh
air and some run-around time. It was cold enough that almost all of
the outdoor animals were inside, but not so cold that it was
uncomfortable for us. In fact, I stopped at a picnic table under the
sun to feed Jada some snacks and call my mom, and I could actually
feel warmth. What else did we do?

* We jumped in piles of leafs that were bright red, yellow, and orange

* We fed the pigeons

* We ran around making funny noises

* We jumped back and forth between benches

This isn't going to work most other days this winter, since it'll be
colder and there'll be more people, making it harder to just wander
aimlessly outside on the wide pathways. But at least it worked today.

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