Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Jada is not nearly as verbal as the typical kid her age, so it's
likely we'll need to do some sort of speech therapy to get her caught
up, and we'll definitely postpone Mandarin immersion until she's more
comfortable with English. But that doesn't mean she doesn't have an
impressive vocabulary, just that she struggles to string words
together into sentences and conversations.

I'm no trained linguist, but I do think I can decode Jada-speak for
those of you who aren't yet literate in this tongue. So far, I've
been able to extract the following linguistic rules:

* Start every sentence with "O." Examples: "O moon!" "O ice cream!"
"O bicycle ride!"

* Subject-verb-object, and don't worry conjugating the verb, but do
add an "s" at the end of the subject. Examples: "Dollys get up."
"Aarons eat food." "Rabbits go in the water."

* In case you can't make out the word . . . "ananas" is bananas,
"ee-sheesh" is upstairs, and "fly" is butterfly.

So there you have it: your first lesson in Jada-speak. Oh, and in
case you're wondering, Aaron-speak entails incessant babbles,
punctuated by high-pitched shrieks.

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