Saturday, November 24, 2007

First (Winter With Our) Second (Child As Well As With Jada Near Her) Third (Birthday)

As the weather gets colder, Amy and I are growing increasingly grim.
This will be our first winter with two kids, as well as our first
winter with Jada being as old as she is. Our usual MO of wearing our
kids out - literally baking them in the sun (we Taiwanese would say
"pak djit") - is not going to work, as running around outside becomes
more and more painful for everyone involved. Aaron is far too mobile
to want to be strapped in for long periods of time, and Jada gets
bored so easily now and is prone to getting herself into trouble quite

We'll just have to schlep them by car to places like the zoo, the
mall, and Smith Playground to get them their run-around, but unless we
both go, it's a haul to get them both and our behemoth stroller out
and about; and if we both go, neither of us gets a whole lot of free
space to recharge. Amy half-jokingly said our solution was simple:
head to sunny places for the next three months. Not an option at this
time, but it's likely it's where our thoughts'll be this winter: on
warmer days.

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