Friday, October 19, 2007

Small Group

God willing, starting next month Amy and I will start gathering two
evenings a month with a small group of five other young couples from
our church congregation. Between the six families, 11 kids are in the
mix, but none will be around for our evening meet-ups, so it'll be
nice to dialogue as adults. For Amy and me, it's a good mix of people
we know well enough to want to get to know better, and people we
hardly know at all but seem like we'd want to know better.

Also, four of the five other couples are within walking distance, so
there's more opportunity for bumping into folks randomly or by design.
I am ever talking to Christian friends of mine who live in the
suburbs and who lament about how hard it is to have meaningful
interactions outside of Sunday morning with their fellow congregants.
Yet another positive thing about living / going to church / raising
kids in an urban setting.

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