Sunday, September 02, 2007

Mornings Back

Millions may be happy that Justin Timberlake is bringing "SexyBack,"
but I'm just glad I've got my mornings back. Aaron sleeping all the
way to 7 gives me those key few hours in the AM to be with God, get my
run on, get myself ready for the day, do uninterrupted non-computer
work (usually involving hand-editing drafts of reports we're working
on), check my email, and even post a blog or three.

And then when I do get the little guy, he's well-rested and happy to
see me. And after getting done all of the things I like to do in the
morning, all alone and without him screaming in my ear hole, I'm
well-rested and happy to see him. (And, by the way, Jada stays up so
late in the evening puttering around her room that she's usually
asleep until 8.)

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