Friday, September 07, 2007

Double Day Care

We just finished our first week of Aaron going with Jada to day care.
So while Jada started day care at 15 months, we've got Aaron in at
under 9 months. At a couple of days a week, we see this as a healthy
socialization for our kids; the place is like "Cheers" for Jada, and
she appears to have developed a special affection for one young boy
who's there every day.

As for Aaron, he struggled on his first day, partly because of the new
setting and partly because the day care person wasn't as comfortable
letting Aaron cry himself out during nap time. But I assured her that
she could let him cry it out good, and Aaron got more familiar with
his surroundings, so the second day was smooth sailing.

Who we were worried about was Jada; after all, day care represented
the one place she didn't have to share space with her kid brother -
until this week. But she seemed unfazed by Aaron's presence, and
would often point over to him and say, "It's Aaron."

Most of all, it's nice for Amy to have the whole house to herself for
two whole days. She spent one day cleaning (of course!), and on the
second, she juggled a doctor's appointment, lunch with me, and
sleeping (and more cleaning!).

For as much as she'd been looking forward to the respite, it took a
bit for her to settle in. Hopefully, she'll feel more and more
freedom to just relax, and/or use the time to pursue something outside
the house. And hopefully, Jada'll be ready soon for the next step up
from day care, which is some sort of preschool.

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