Sunday, September 02, 2007

Desperately Clingy

You see it sometimes with a dad whose job keeps him away from home a
lot: the kids cling dearly to him, as if wringing as much of their
precious little time with him as possible. That's how Jada is
sometimes with Amy, but it has nothing to do with lack of quality
time; on the contrary, Amy and Jada spend lots of time together.

My theory is that Jada went 7 1/2 months - from the time she was
abandoned at three days to the time we arrived in China to meet her -
without a mom. And by the time we'd known her 48 hours, she'd figured
out we were going to be someones special. And so she latched on for
dear life. Because having a mom is matter of life and death, and
finally she had found one.

And so fast forward almost two years, and there's probably still some
residual desperation in Jada's clinginess to Amy. Her whole body
knows how important it is to have a mom, and she's not about to let go
of the one she has now.

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