Thursday, September 13, 2007

Curtains For You

So we tumbled into our hotel room at 10:30 on a Saturday night,
Toronto's club scene spilling out into the streets, and the four of us
weary from 12 hours on the road. Only our room, which I had thought
would be a two-room suite, was simply a one-room studio, albeit a
large and nicely furnished one. Meaning no separation for any of us,
no separation between those awake and those asleep. Big-time error on
my part.

Luckily, Amy and her quick thinking saved us again. We positioned the
cribs in front of the windows, pulled curtains around them, and voila!
- some semblance of darkness and separation while the kids were

It was still painfully difficult to sleep, since Jada likes to host
her talk show during nap time and Aaron is noisy at night. And if
either Jada or Aaron started crying, the other was sure to follow,
followed by us crying at our rest-deprived state. After a month of
the both of them sleeping through the night, it was hard to go back to
those earlier, zombie days. But without the curtain idea, who knows
if any of us would have gotten any sleep.

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