Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Light Bulb Above Her Head

We've been fighting with Jada about turning the lights off at night at
bedtime. We want them off, and she wants to keep them on so she can
stay up and read and play and basically do things besides sleep.

So we've taken to compromising: we turn a timer on for 15 minutes, and
tell her when time's up, the lights go off. Fifteen minutes later,
the timer dings, we come back in and turn the lights off, and she
starts howling.

This has happened three or four nights in a row. And while she'll
eventually stop howling and get quiet, she hasn't started howling
softer or shorter. Still, we figured we had to stay the course.

Tonight, same routine and same result. Until Amy went down a few
minutes after Jada had gotten quiet and discovered that she had opened
her bedroom door, to allow more hallway light into her room, thus
achieving what she wanted - light in her room - with her room light
actually having to be on.

When Jada saw Amy had spotted her, she said, "Uh oh." Amy reported
this ingenuity to me, and we agreed we'd allow her 30 more minutes
with her door open and the hallway light on. After all, it's not
every night that a 2 1/2 year old gets such an innovate light bulb
over her head.

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