Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Aaron's Up

I went to bed at 9 last night with a pounding headache, and was awoken
at midnight by a screaming Aaron (which Amy took care of) and then at
3 by a screaming Jada (which I took care of). All Jada needed was a
tissue and to locate her hair brush, which she simply could not get
calmed back down until I helped her. So while I was annoyed to be up
at 3, I figured I'd at least get a couple of hours to myself to have
an uninterrupted time with God, get myself ready in the morning, and
power through some work-related reading.

Only Aaron woke up barely 15 minutes later, and it wasn't even because
he was hungry. He was just up, wide-eyed and ready to start the day.
After I unsuccessfully tried to feed him back into sleepiness, I put
him back in his crib and told him, somewhat half-heartedly, that it
was unacceptable for him to be awake at this hour. But as I write, he
is babbling loudly to himself, as is Jada. Why aren't my kids

One problem that occurred to me after a quick check with my pediatric
manual is that Aaron is still in our room, and in a temp crib, no
less. He's well over 7 months, and by then, the experts say he should
be out of your room and in a more comfortable crib. We have been
glacially slow getting his room ready, on account of lack of time and
energy, and a few other house-related things that need to fall into
place before we can start. But at this point, our sanity and health
dictate that we just move him out and get him more settled. Because
we simply cannot survive if we are getting up twice a night every
night on account of Aaron. Nor is it good for his development to get
his sleep in three-hour chunks.

Now let me get a decent night's sleep before I figure out what's up with Jada.

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