Monday, August 20, 2007

3, 2, 1, . . . 2?

Aaron spent his first six weeks or so here in Philadelphia waking up
every three or four hours, shrieking and arching his back violently
until we got him a bottle of perfectly heated formula. This, as you
can imagine, was especially fun at night, when his frequency meant
getting woken up three times a night to feed him.

Thankfully, the combination of him and us figuring out how this whole
thing worked, plus the introduction of solids, led to him lasting
longer between feedings, and ramping down his volume when he did wake
up. We even had a few nine-hour sleeps on his part, and pretty
methodically worked our way down from three to two and now one
night-time feedings.

So it has been not a little deflating to see him return to waking up
twice a night, and amping up his volume to boot. The little guy must
be growing. Good for him, but growing means getting lots of sleep,

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