Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Milestones Revisited

I wrote a couple of days ago about Aaron taking solids and Jada sleeping in a big girl bed, and promised an update on how that was going. Well, two days in, Aaron's definitely taking to the solids. He now gets rice cereal three times a day, and we're adding applesauce to the mix, with bananas on deck. It's helped a tick in terms of his sleeping, and he seems to have a hankering for it, so kudos to Amy for giving that a go.

As for Jada, losing her crib has been pretty distressing. For two evenings now, once we put her to bed, she's cried and banged her rocking chair and been generally out of sorts. Eventually she falls asleep, but you can tell that this is all very disorienting for her. Plus we think she's a little sick. She hasn't lost her pep, but it may take a little time to totally sink into her new bed.

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