Sunday, July 08, 2007

High Maintenance

For all the complaints we've aired about Aaron being a handful, it's really Jada who's high maintenance.  This was brought home yesterday, when Amy's parents and her brother and sister-in-law graciously volunteered to watch our kids while we went to a wedding.  When they arrived, we went over some instructions on our kids. 

Aaron was easy.  "If he cries, feed him.  If he smells, change him.  If he rubs his eyes, put him to bed.  Otherwise, hold him."  And after that, we didn't feel like we needed to say anything more.

And Jada?  Where to begin?  "At dinner, she likes Bear, Doggie, Mao, Dolly, and Monkey to sit next to her, and you have to put a bib on them.  'Eee-sheesh' means she wants to go upstairs; keep an eye out so she doesn't fall, but don't even think about offering to help her.  At bedtime, she wants to read these two Pooh books, but don't turn the page until she's pointed at and named every character on that page."  And so on and so on.

I liken her to a finely tuned sports car: runs great, but not if just one little thing is off.  Special thanks to Amy's family for maintaining her and her more easily maintained brother for the night.
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