Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Free Date

May and Harish were volunteered to stay home with the kids last night, and they graciously accepted.  Not fifteen seconds after Amy and I had left the house did I announce: I already feel refreshed.  Not in the least because by then we had traveled a distance away from home that normally takes us ten minutes to traverse when both of our kids are in tow.

We walked to a nearby restaurant, scarfed down some pizza, and regaled in our temporary freedom.  We cracked jokes, swapped parenting strategies, and enjoyed each others' company.  When dinner concluded, I told Amy, "You know what, we can both go to the bathroom at the same time!"  Yes, that constitutes "going wild" for us at this stage in our lives. 

It was a really nice treat to be able to have some time with just Amy.  I felt so refreshed afterwards, and though we got to bed pretty late as a result, I was already trying to figure out who we could enlist for our next date night.  Thanks again, Auntie Mester and Uncle Dither!
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