Friday, June 22, 2007

What a Difference in Time a Second Makes

What a difference a second child makes, in terms of how you spend your day. Here's a sense of our before-and-after:

before = wake up, pray
after = ideally, wake up and pray, but possibly I have been woken up at 4:30 and have had to feed a belly or change a diaper

before = exercise, often by running outside
after = no running outside, whatever exercising is much shorter on account of being worn out, and usually keeping an eye on a fussy 5-month-old

before = get myself and Jada ready for the day
after = get myself and Jada and Aaron ready for the day

before = get Jada to daycare and myself to work
after = get Jada to daycare and myself to work, and hope that Aaron sleeps longer than Amy

before = I'm at work, and on the days Jada is at daycare, Amy has the whole house to herself
after = I'm still at work, but Amy's got Aaron all week and 2 kids 3 days a week

before = get myself home
after = get myself and Jada home, and hope that Aaron is up for tagging along

before = dinner for Jada and me, Jada down to bed
after = TV for Jada, QT w/Aaron, dinner for Jada

before = free time for me!
after = Jada to bed, QT w/Aaron, dinner for me, Aaron to bed

before = sleep!
after = free time, I go to bed, Amy waits up for one more feeding

before = uninterrupted sleep!
after = very interrupted sleep, Amy getting up at least once and usually twice to feed a belly
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