Sunday, June 24, 2007

Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

When Aaron first arrived in Philadelphia, Amy and I figured he'd need
some time to get acclimated to this time zone, to his new
surroundings, and to us. We'd need to learn his cues; and he'd need
to learn to have cues: when he's hungry, tired, etc. But after
awhile, he'd get comfortable, and the initial panic and disarray - on
both sides - would give way to a more settled routine. And in fact,
even just a week in, Aaron was exhibiting some of that acclimation.

But this past week we seem to have taken a step backwards. He's just
been really fussy. When he's hungry, he still shrieks like there's no
tomorrow. And in the middle of the night, his stomach will sometimes
wake him (and us!) up every two hours instead of every three hours.
Worst of all, there are more howlings for no obvious reason; in other
words, not because of tiredness or hunger or needing a change, but
possibly because of teething or gassiness or plain old "fussiness not
otherwise specified."

Needless to say, Amy and I are a bit frayed, as our initial adrenaline
has long since worn off and we hunker down for the marathon that is
parenthood. So it's been two steps forward, two steps back.
Hopefully, at least as it relates to Aaron sleeping longer at night,
we'll see more steps forward than back.

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