Wednesday, June 06, 2007

She Knows What's Up

A couple of people have asked me about Jada, in terms of how we've
prepped her for Aaron and whether she understands what's going on. I
once read that whatever you think toddlers understand, they actually
understand twice as much. So Amy and I have been pretty
straight-forward about what's going to happen: that she's getting a
little brother, that we'll need to take extra special care of him
because he's so young, that we expect her to help out, and that we
still love her and plan to make sure she gets our attention too.
We've shown him pictures of Aaron, and she sees new stuff around the
house that we explain is for Aaron to use: a stroller for two, a
carrier, baby toys.

Is it sinking in? We think so. She'll point to stuff around the
house and say, "En." (That's how she pronounces "Aaron.") Her new
favorite book, that we simply must read at least three times a day, is
"The New Baby," which is about a big brother getting a new baby
sister. She hasn't even really made a fuss about Amy not being
around, since we explained to her that Mama's in California with Aaron
and that they're both coming back soon.

Still, I imagine it'll be somewhat of a transition for her, as for all
of us, when she meets Aaron for the first time and has to share her
house, her toys, and her parents with him. It should be fun - I
promise to take lots of pictures.

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