Friday, June 01, 2007

Deep Feelers

In addition to the angst that all kids face, our kids will have the
added burden of working through their adoptedness. There will be an
extra sense of identity crisis, perhaps a sense of shame as if they
have been discarded. Definitely a need to mourn what will never be
(being with one's biological parents) and what will always be (being
adopted, different from most others around them).

Amy and I are no more gifted in terms of knowing how to help our kids
navigate through these issues. But we know we love them and accept
them, and trust that as we prayerfully invest that love and acceptance
into them, they'll be OK.

In fact, we anticipate that they'll be deep feelers as a result of
working through these heavy issues. Perhaps they'll be more
sensitized, not only to themselves but to others around them. Such is
our hope.

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