Sunday, May 27, 2007


On the first official day of summer, the three of us did as thousands
of other Philadelphians: we went to Penn's Landing. Through my job,
I've gotten to know the folks that run the quasi-governmental agency
that manages this important waterfront space and organizes all the
free festivities, so I have a special appreciation for this
Philadelphia treasure.

Last night did not disappoint. We headed out by subway in the late
afternoon after Jada's nap, popped out in Old City, and grabbed a
sidewalk table at one of the 150 outdoor cafes in the downtown area
(up from zero barely ten years ago!). It was a great place to see and
be seen, and we did just that as we picked at a huge mound of calamari
salad and an even huger mound of crispy fries.

Then, we hoofed it across a pedestrian bridge across I-95 to the
waterfront area. Cypress Hill was on stage for Captain Morgan's Jam
on the River, and thousands of concert goers were bopping along with
them. We leisurely walked up and down the waterfront, looked at old
ships and jet skiers, and pointed out the various attractions on the
other side of the river in Camden: Campbell's Field, the Tweeter
Center, Adventure Aquarium.

Then we headed back over the bridge to an ice cream place near the
restaurant where we had eaten, and then ducked into the subway station
to head home. And apparently, not a moment too soon, because while we
were still waiting for our train, other passengers arrived soaking
wet. It had started raining not two minutes after we had gotten
ourselves underground.

By the time we arrived back in West Philadelphia, it was pouring. The
three of us picked our way through puddles and arrived home absolutely
drenched. It wasn't the funnest end to a glorious day, but it
certainly made the first day of summer that much more memorable.
Here's to many more.

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