Thursday, May 31, 2007

Second Germ Carrier

When Jada went to day care for the first time about a year ago, we
predictably ended up all getting sick a bunch. No matter how vigilant
you are, you can't keep your kid from touching this and licking that,
and then coughing on you. Jada's been real efficient at this.

Apparently, Aaron has the magic "touch" as well. I've gotten word
from my aunt in Pittsburgh, who just got back from Taiwan, that
practically everyone in our family who helped look out for Aaron while
he was sick got sick themselves. Some thanks for helping out!

So we're all the more thankful for all of our family members who have
contributed to the long journey from Aaron's birth to his arrival into
our family here in Philadelphia. And all the more mindful to enjoy
these last few days of uninterrupted good health; for a second germ
carrier is arriving soon.

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