Sunday, May 13, 2007


Jada's days as an only child appear to be numbered. But based on her
allegiance to a growing flock of stuffed animals, I don't think she'll
mind having other littles around.

There certainly are a lot of posse members that roll with Jada in her
crib. At last count, we have Dolly, Dolly, Dolly, Bear, Goo Goo,
Doggie, Mao, and Snake, and apparently if any of them are missing at
bedtime, we'll hear it.

A ninth member of her entourage, Bear, is too big to fit in her crib,
but is constantly at her side at meals. And woe to us if we forget to
give Bear his own placemat and bib.

Time will tell if her little brother will be allowed into this tight
knit circle of friends. Aaron, if there's any consolation, your
Auntie Mester has already provided you with a teddy bear who can be
the first member of your entourage.

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