Saturday, March 10, 2007

Timing Updates

Here's a quick update on our two adoptions. Our China application was
officially logged on February 10, and the average wait time at this
point is 17-18 months to referral, which, tacking on another 6-8 weeks
between referral and travel, puts us at going to China in late 2008.

Our Taiwan adoption? Who knows. First I was told that releasing our
fingerprints from US immigration to Taiwan would take two months, and
instead it took two weeks. Then, we were bracing ourselves for
meeting Aaron within weeks, and instead I was told there were two more
steps, each of which would take two months. And most recently, that
first of two steps - the courts in Taiwan releasing a birth
certificate and an adoption decree - took two days instead of the
aforementioned two months.

In other words, we have no idea when we'll meet Aaron for the first
time. But I think we only have two more hurdles to cross: filing a
petition with US immigration to adopt him into our family (this is
that second step, which is supposed to take two months), and having
our parents stand before the courts in Taiwan with a power of attorney
form so they can answer questions on our behalf. After that, I
believe Aaron is free to come to the US and will legally be our son.

But ask me again tomorrow, because the story could change.

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