Tuesday, February 20, 2007

New Combinations

With one kid, the math is easy: if I'm watching her, you can rest; if
you're watching her, I can rest. Add another kid to the mix and
you've got all sorts of new combinations, which we'll be learning
about first-hand next month.

This will particularly come into play on evenings and weekends, when
we're all home - no one at work and no one at day care. So we'll be
looking at a lot of one-on-one defense, mostly me on Jada and Amy on
Aaron, but some where I'll take the baby and Amy'll get the bon-bon.
I'm sure we'll mix in some zone, either all four of us together or the
kids double-teaming us (with the other spouse the grateful recipient
of some - gasp! - free time). And of course we'll lean on family more
so than before so that Amy and I can actually have an uninterrupted
adult conversation.

All these new combinations, just by adding one little booger into the
mix. Looking forward to it.

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