Sunday, February 04, 2007

Could Have Slept All Day

We had a couple of late morning social functions this weekend,
otherwise it's possible Jada could've stayed in bed all day. I got
her at the last possible minute yesterday, and when I entered the room
she had been quiet for most of the two hours since I first heard her
stir around 7 am. She had her back to the door and was sitting up in
her crib, quietly paging through a book.

This morning, she again started stirring around 7, and then got quiet
again - reading? - and then got really quiet after that - fell back
asleep. We finally got her close to 11 (!), and this after putting
her to bed 7 pm the night before.

Chalk it up to equal parts "she's growing and needs the rest" and
"she's happy as a clam being by herself in her crib." However it's
happening, Amy are feeling mighty fortunate. Especially as we brace
ourselves for an infant who will not be sleeping through the night for
quite some time.

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