Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Such a Good Girl

Our journey home from Chicago was a bit of an ordeal.  I'm jealous that both of Chicago's major airports can be reached by a subway token, but it's still a challenge to find handicap-accessible stations and haul luggage in and out of elevators and up and down platforms. 

The good news once we boarded our plane was that the winds were with us: the pilot estimated we'd get to Philadelphia in 75 minutes rather than the estimated 2 hours.  The bad news was that our flight attendants hadn't arrived yet; given how long we waited for them, perhaps they were starting from another zip code and not another gate.  Then we had to get in line with all the other planes to get de-iced and cleared for take-off. 

By the time we rolled into Philadelphia International, we were over a half hour past our schedule.  Then, Amy and I split up - me with Jada to get the car out of the econo parking lot, and her to baggage claim to get our luggage.  Only Southwest lost one of our luggages.  So while Amy was filling out a lost luggage form, I made my way to the cell phone lot to wait for her call.

And you know what?  Throughout all this, our little girl was very well-behaved.  Sure, she was jittery in the plane, as always - forget getting a nap out of her while we're in the air.  And she did have a brief meltdown in the cell phone lot, probably wondering what we were doing in the middle of nowhere without Mama. 

But other than that, she did remarkably well.  Even though she didn't sleep well the night before and didn't have a nap.  Even though she didn't really have much access to food or toys.  Even though we were in confined spaces for most of the day. 

So Amy and I sang her praises the whole car ride home.  And it was well-deserved.
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