Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Name

We've decided on a name for our boy: Aaron Chia-Ying. "Aaron" satisfied our parameters for an English name: not too trendy (as in "Aidan"), not too Biblical (as in "Obadiah"), and not at all tricked out (as in "My'kle"). Plus we liked the thought that he'd be first in line when they line up in alphabetical order at school.

By the way, there was an Aaron in the Bible who was Israel's first high priest as well as the brother of Moses. It's a Hebrew name that may be derived from the word for "mountain."

The Chinese name my parents came up with. The "Chia" comes from Chia-Yi, the county in which he was born, and was picked because it rhymes with Jada's first Chinese name, "Jia." "Ying" is a popular second name in Taiwan now, and means "smart." For those of you who are into tones, that would be second tone on the "Chia" and third on the "Ying."

Aaron Chia-Ying Huang. We wrestled over a name longer than usual, since we didn't think we'd ever have to name a boy. So it's nice to have one we like. Now we just need to meet the little guy.
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