Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Dada Phase

Several months ago, I wrote about how Jada was in a Mama phase - all
she wanted was to be with Amy, she'd walk right past me as I knelt
down to hug her, and all. Now, the tables have turned and she's in a
Dada phase - I'm the only one who gets kisses, when I brush my teeth
she wants to brush her teeth too, and anything I'm reading becomes the
most interesting thing in the world to her.

Amy felt bad when Jada was in her Mama phase, but I did not. Now that
the roles are reversed, Amy understands. While she misses the hugs
and attention, she's more than happy to go about her business, now
having more time and personal space to herself. Plus she and I know
it's probably just another few weeks or months until Jada's back in a
Mama phase.

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