Thursday, November 09, 2006

New Night Routine

With the evenings getting colder and darker, my evening routine of
taking Jada to the local playground for one last run-around before bed
has had to change. In its place is forming somewhat of a new routine,
where we go up to the living room after dinner, and I read the paper
while she plays with toys.

At some point, she'll point for the photo album of our China trip, and
we take turns narrating: me telling her about our journey to get her,
and her pointing at people and saying "Mama" or "Dada" or "Nina" (her
name for Amy's mom) or "Ama" (grandmother in Taiwanese, i.e. my mom)
-- she doesn't seem to recognize herself to call out "Jada."

I'll be glad when the days get longer and warmer, but I kind of like
our new night routine. I guess it's not so much what Jada and I are
doing as much as it is that we get to have that time together each
night before bed.

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