Sunday, November 12, 2006

Good Friday

Last Thursday, we subjet Jada to three new things: 1) we had her in
day care on a Thursday, 2) we picked her up late from day care, and 3)
we went straight from there to a friend's house for dinner. And as we
picked Jada up that afternoon, the day care worker said, "She didn't
take a nap at all."

So you can imagine that the combination of all this made for one tired
bon-bon. And in fact, she cried much of the time we were at our
friend's house, even though a) they had two kids were very
entertaining for Jada, and b) dinner was so tasty that Jada scarfed
down an adult-sized portion between the tears. Alas, all the crying
made for not as enjoyable a night, despite the wonderful company.

The next day, Friday, Jada slept in later than usual because we had
gotten her to bed later than usual. I prayed that morning that Jada
would take an extra long nap to give Amy extra free time to catch her
breath. God, apparently, answered, as I got a call from Amy at 4:30
that afternoon asking me, "Jada's been asleep since 1, should I wake
her up?" To which I blurted out, "Let sleeping babies lie!"

Jada ended up waking up at 5, and then headed to the playground with
Amy for some run-around time before dinner. She ate a big dinner and
was in very good spirits, and we got her off to bed at the usual hour,
despite the long and late nap. (We can tell she's growing, because
she's eating well and sleeping longer.) All in all, it was a very
good day for a little girl who was very weepy just 24 hours before.

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