Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Down the Shore

Jada didn't like the beach.

She loooooved the beach.

We spent last weekend in Ocean City. It rained pretty hard as soon as we arrived, but we snuck out in between drops for a quick jaunt on the beach to give Jada the experience of the sand between her toes and the ocean wind in her hair.

As soon as she touched down on the sand, she was intrigued. We led her by the hand all the way to the water's edge, and she got even more excited. I'd carry her up the shore, and then she'd run back down into the water. Each time, I carried her further and further away from the water, and each time she'd scurry back in, giggling the whole time. By the end, she was sprinted a good 50 feet just to feel the water rush over her feet.

She literally kicked and screamed as we carried her back to the beach house, her of course wondering why we'd take her to this wonderful place and then abruptly take her away. The next day we did the same thing, and when we left, she didn't kick and scream at all, as if she understood, now that we had come back two days in a row, that perhaps we'd be returning soon.

The third day was the best of all from a weather standpoint. We brought the full complement of beach items: umbrella, chairs, and of course a shovel and pail. We got everyone in bathing suits and really let her get wet and dirty. She was just as enthusiastic about the water, but found a new favorite activity in digging around in the sand, which she undertook with her trademark seriousness: furrowed brow, remarkable attention span, and the occasional look up to smile at us.

Needless to say, she had a blast, and slept quite well afterwards. And needless to say, we'll be heading back soon.

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