Thursday, July 13, 2006

Process Underway

Earlier this week, Amy and I filled out the first run of paperwork for our second adoption.  It will be with the same agency and we'll be going to the same country.  Because we've been through the process before, it'll be a little easier and faster this time -- addenda instead of full reports, some paperwork is still valid, and so on.  However, because of demand on the China side, the waiting period will be about 3-6 months longer.  So depending on when we get our full application to the Chinese government -- we're shooting for later this year -- we could be traveling to China in late 2007 or early 2008. 

If you recall, last time around I was hustling and scraping so we could go to China in the month I had between leaving my old job and starting up a new semester of classes.  We ended up going a month and a half later than that, and while it was hard to catch up from two weeks of missed classes, I wouldn't trade the timing, or the daughter we adopted, for the world.  So I'm trying to be a little more mellow this time around, seeing as how our prayers for God's perfect timing were so wonderfully answered last time.  I do have one request, God; can you get us there and back well before the 2008 Olympics in Beijing makes everything in China -- transportation, government agencies, overcrowding, and what not -- a little harder to navigate. 
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